Meet WPCA’s Babalwa Zothe

During Women’s Month, we will be celebrating our amazing women who work for the organisation in a series of articles across our website and social media pages. In the next of our articles, we meet Babalwa Zothe.


Assistant coach Khayelitsha Hub

Tell us how you came to be working at Newlands Cricket Ground?

I was recruited by the Khayelitsha Hub head coach

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Being given an opportunity to enrol in coaching courses.

Many would argue that you have one of the most iconic work venues in South Africa, how do you go about appreciating Newlands Cricket Ground as your office?

I appreciate Newlands Cricket offices for giving me an opportunity to build myself in the cricketing space.

Tell us something that not many people will know about you

I am now more equipped with knowledge than before, all thanks to lock down.

What are some of your most memorable occasions at Newlands?

When I was awarded my certificate for coaching.