CSA Promotion – Relegation Standings after Year 1

Cricket South Africa (CSA) is pleased to release the log standings at the conclusion of the 2021/2022 domestic season, the first of the new provincial system.

The promotion-relegation points are calculated over a two-year period, with this being year one.

The team finishing last in Division 1 will be relegated and the team finishing first in Division 2 will be promoted.

Six Gun Grill Western Province finished 4th in the CSA 1 Day Cup, 3rd in the CSA T20 Challenge and 6th in the CSA 4 Day Series.

Points allocation per tournament:

Winners – 15

2nd place – 10

3rd place – 7

4th place – 5

5th place – 3

6th place – 2

7th place – 1

8th place – 0