Full Houses as Betway SA20 ignites Newlands


Newlands Cricket Ground, Cape Town, 25th January 2023

Five matches of frenzied fun for families and friends.

That could describe Newlands Cricket Ground for the Betway SA20 tournament. Spectator numbers were reminiscent of pre-pandemic New Year’s Test matches, combined with entertainment last seen at Domestic T20 tournaments in the late 2000’s.

Booming music with bright and explosive fireworks, accompanied by and ignited with flame-throwing pyrotechnics, thrilling near-capacity crowds. An MC of high class and cricketing pedigree, Dalin Oliver wowing the Newlands Faithful. Always good for a laugh, Aweh!

Young and old, new devotees and hardened veterans, they all came out in their numbers. Roads clogged as people thronged to the stadium, flags waving beneath the banner-clad, smiling faces of the MI Cape Town players.

Youngsters of all ages, straining against the fencing, hounding marshalls to help them get that all-important autograph. A scramble on the snake-pit grass, for that lottery-winning one-handed catch! For these fleeting five days, Newlands was alive, heaving to the rhythm of the beat of the bat.

It rained Sixes, and the pristine outfield was mown by the Fours, as they glided to the boundary. Groans and cheers as the stumps were shattered, generous was the applause as the hoardings clattered.

Under the Oaks, the blankets once again abounded. Mexican waves across the ground, under the beauty of the pinkest of skies, set against the darkening, rugged cliff-sides.

This is sport, this is community, the physical and emotional embodiment of Gees!

This is Cape Town, this is Newlands, this is Life!