NEWLANDS – The Western Province Cricket Association (WPCA) acknowledges the International Cricket Council’s assessment of the pitch at Newlands Cricket Ground for the second Test between South Africa and India as ‘unsatisfactory’ under the ICC Pitch and Outfield Monitoring Process.

The WPCA is committed to upholding the highest standards of cricket and ensuring that the playing conditions at Newlands are of the highest possible quality. We respect the concerns raised by the ICC Match Referee, Mr. Chris Broad, and we take this feedback seriously.

As a responsible cricketing body, we will work closely with Cricket South Africa (CSA) to review the Match Referee’s report thoroughly and identify all areas for improvement.

The Board of WPCA, with support from CSA, has committed itself to a comprehensive turnaround strategy to address the recent misfortunes at WPCA, which includes restoring Newlands Cricket Ground to its former glory.

We appreciate the feedback we have received from our various stakeholders. WPCA is committed to addressing the concerns they have raised, and we remain dedicated to providing an excellent cricketing experience for players and fans alike at Newlands.