Meet WPCA’s Zainub Essack

During Women’s Month, Western Province Cricket Association will be celebrating our amazing women who work for the organisation in a series of articles across our website and social media pages. In the first of our articles, we meet Zainub Essack.


PA to the CEO

Tell us how you came to be working at Newlands Cricket Ground?

I heard the previous CEO required a Personal Assistant.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Being part of a majestic view our stadium holds. I am able to learn new tasks/terms daily relating to Cricket. Knowing at the end of every day I have successfully completed all tasks given to me and that my CEO is satisfied with me. I enjoy meeting people of all walks of life, hence I trust those who have their utmost trust in me and therefore building relationships is easy. Getting to work in a non-toxic environment, I am able to stay in my lane and happiness for me is always being friendly, professional and I always try my best projecting the highest level of services.

Many would argue that you have one of the most iconic work venues in South Africa, how do you go about appreciating Newlands Cricket Ground as your office?

Personally, walking into this iconic ground every morning, is stepping into a breath of fresh air. Your troubles start fading and complete serenity sets in. Watching the Guinea fowls racing along the bright green field of the stadium, listening to birds chirping away. Whoever else is so fortunate to be blessed with having to stare into Table Mountain and the slopes of all its elite areas and prominent landmarks.

Tell us something that not many people will know about you

I turn into a Lion when i find someone to be disloyal to me. When I am in a toxic space and where there is no integrity especially after I have invested trust and honesty.

What are some of your most memorable occasions at Newlands?

Every match is exciting especially the Test matches, but what thrilled me was working and experiencing amazing challenges during the English Test Series. The vibrant roar of the crowds shuddering through the stadium along with not being able to control dancing and singing along to the music blaring. Then there is relationships with my colleagues, occasionally getting out with them on field trips doing something special in the name of charity and then of course me meeting and having the ability to be trusted by influential people from all over the world.

Stay tuned for more articles about the amazing women who work for Western Province Cricket.

We wish you all a wonderful and blessed Women’s Month.